Advanced Cardiac Life Support – ACLS American Heart Association (AHA) Certified

ACLS Medical professionals who respond to cardiovascular emergencies in and out of the hospital enhance their treatment knowledge and skills through the AHA’s ACLS training courses. AHA’s ACLS offerings highlight the importance of team dynamics and communication, systems of care and immediate post-cardiac arrest care. They also cover Airway Management and related pharmacology.

Who can do ACLS?

  • ACLS is designed for healthcare professionals who either direct or participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest and other cardiovascular emergencies.
  • This includes personnel in Emergency Response, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care and Critical Care Units, Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, Respiratory Therapists and who may need to respond to a Cardiovascular Emergency.


IIEMS in association with AHA is now offering online classes and the details are as follows:-